The Rise of the Phist is the fourth film in the Mark Steel Cinematic Universe, and the first chronologically. It was released on January 10, 2016.

Plot Summary Edit

Koscolov Snide (Steven Kier), a Russian special operations soldier, is assigned by General Strykofski (Mollie Farruggia) to track down and kill Gascard (Ben Farruggia), a Belgian spy in the Russian military that has recently escaped. Strykofski assigns Gunther Phistoff (Braden Rathmell) as Snide’s partner.

The two track Gascard into the jungle where they are ambushed by Gascard, but Gunther is able to kill Gascard’s sniper (Richard Bushey), and Gascard orders a retreat. The pair then follow Gascard through the jungle, killing several more of his soliders before cornering him. They appear behind him and Snide shoots Gascard in the chest.

As the pair are returning from their mission, they are ambushed again, this time by Gunther’s twin brother, Viktor (Braden Rathmell). Viktor then informs Gunther than in the past, Snide was the leader in a number of operations that Russia does not want to make public to the world, and in order to hide them, they have assigned Viktor to kill Snide. The two run from Viktor, but he sends two of his soldiers after them.

They are chased out of the jungle and into a resort, where Snide is able to shoot and kill one of the soldiers (Alexis Holman). Gunther engages the other soldier, known as Sunflare (Chris Pagan), in hand to hand combat and knocks him unconscious. Snide and Gunther make their way to a condo and steal the owner’s car. As they are driving away, Sunflare appears again, but Gunther shoots him in the leg. Sunflare then steals a wheeled chair from the condo and rides it down a hill after the two, before Gunther shoots him again.

Snide and Gunther sneak onto the cargo hold of an airline flight headed to Boston, but it is revealed that Gascard survived, and made it onto the plane as well. He shoots Snide in the leg, and fist fights Gunther. Snide opens the cargo hatch of the plane mid-flight, and Gunther is able to throw Gascard out, but not before he grabs Gunther’s leg and drags him out as well.

Several months later, in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, Snide arrives at the house of his illegitimate son, The Announcer (Chris Pagan). He proposes that The Announcer join him in a business venture he is starting in Pittsburgh. The Announcer agrees, and the two decide to start a boxing circuit, which will be kicked off with a tournament. The Announcer hires several boxers for the tournament: Blubacca (Chris Pagan), Trenchy (Mollie Farruggia), the Purple Journey (Alexis Holman), the Grey Gentleman (Ben Farruggia), the Lazing Lazer (Richard Bushey), the Raptor (Ben Farruggia), and Business Casual (Andrew Kolson). Snide says that none of these boxers seem like a champion. After three weeks, Snide is able to track down Gunther, who survived the fall out of the plane, and is now homeless. Gunther joins the boxing tournament as the Mysterious Fist.

Before the tournament begins, the Grey Gentleman is revealed to be Gascard in disguise, but Snide and Gunther are unaware. Gunther is set to face Blubacca in the first round. Blubacca taunts Gunther before the match, but is defeated in a single punch. In the next round, Gunther faces the Raptor. During the match, the Raptor knocks off Gunther’s mask, which sends him into a PDST-induced rage, where he easily defeats the Raptor. The Grey Gentleman is shown to easily defeat the Lazing Lazer and Trenchy, and faces Gunther in the final round. During the match, the Grey Gentleman draws a scimitar, but Gunther draws the knife he stole from Gascard, and disarms him. Gunther drops the knife, and finishes him off with a punch. Gunther is then crowned the champion of Basement Boxing. 

Appearing Characters Edit

Gascard "The Belgian"/The Grey Gentleman

Koscolov Snide

General Strykofski

Gunther "The Fist" Phistoff

The Raptor


The Purple Journey

Viktor Phistoff

The Lazing Lazer


The Announcer


Business Casual

Reception Edit

The Fist in the Phurious is considered to be the best film in the series.