The following is a list of all films distributed by Rocket Pig Productions.

Films Edit

Year Film Publisher Director Assistant Director Writer Assistant Writer Editor Assistant Editor Director of Photography Assistant Director of Photography
2011 Fantasy Film Ben Farruggia Ben Farruggia Jeremy Stout Jeremy Stout
2012 The Wraith, the Shadow and the Agent Rocket Pig Productions Andrew Kolson Andrew Kolson Ben Farruggia Andrew Kolson Erica Kolson
2013 Max Steel Andrew Kolson Andrew Kolson Andrew Kolson Andrew Kolson Mollie Farruggia and Richard Bushey
2014 Mark Steel
2015 The Blazing Blazer
Mark Steel 2: In the Ring
2016 The Rise of the Phist
Mark Steel III: The Fist and the Furious
TBA Sky Fist
Steel Avengers: The Dawn of Justice
Remember What Happened in Nepal?
Steel Wars: Attack of the Clones
Werewolf 2: Ruff Cop
Aquaman: A Star Trek Fan Production