Bluebacca was a boxer that appeared in Rise of the Phist in the first Basement Boxing World Championship Tournament.

Appearance Edit

Bluebacca wore a blue luchador mask (likely the same one worn by Gunther's assistant and Lawrence) with a GoPro sticker on it, a brown furry vest over a flannel shirt, and red boxing gloves.

Personality Edit

Bluebacca appears to be very cocky, taunting Gunther before their match, claiming that he will win the match in one hit.

Backstory Edit

Nothing is known about Bluebacca's backstory prior to Basement Boxing other than his appearance as one of the boxers The Announcer showed to Koscolov Snide when they were looking for fighters for the tournament.

History Edit

Bluebacca appears in Rise of the Phist as a fighter in the first Basement Boxing World Championship Tournament. He fights against Gunther (going as the Mysterious Fist at the time) in the first round of the tournament. Before their match, he taunts Gunther, claiming that he will win because he is amazing. Once in the ring, he claims that the match will be over in one hit, and he is right; he is knocked out after one of Gunther's punches.

It is unknown what happened to Bluebacca after this, as he has not reappeared in the Mark Steel Cinematic Universe since.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Not much is know about Bluebacca's fighting abilities. He appears to be fairly competent at boxing as he was chosen to enter the fist Basement Boxing tournament, he wore boxing gloves and threw a punch at Gunther, and was very confident in his abilities. He is shown to be much weaker than Gunther, however, as he is knocked out in a single punch.

Quotes Edit

"I will win, for I, am amazing."

"This match will be over in one hit."

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